Checklist: Iridaceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Botswana have been excluded.

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Goldblatt, P. (1993) Iridaceae Flora Zambesiaca 12(4)   
NamesFZ Divisions
1265.000 MORAEA Mill.  
Moraea carsonii Baker SW
Moraea homblei De Wild.
Moraea elliotii Baker
Moraea pallida (Baker) Goldblatt SE
Homeria pallida Baker
Moraea simulans Baker SE
Gynandriris simulans (Baker) R.C. Foster
1272.000 FERRARIA Burm. ex Mill.  
Ferraria glutinosa (Baker) Rendle N,SW,SE
Ferraria randii (Rendle) Rendle
Moraea glutinosa Baker
1301.000 HESPERANTHA Ker Gawl.  
SCHIZOSTYLIS Backh. & Harv.  
Hesperantha longicollis Baker SE
Hesperantha matopensis Gibbs
1310.000 BABIANA Ker Gawl. ex Sims  
Babiana hypogea Burch. SW,SE
Babiana bainesii Baker
1311.000 GLADIOLUS L.  
Gladiolus dalenii Van Geel
subsp. dalenii N
Gladiolus natalensis Reinw. ex Hook.f.
Gladiolus primulinus Baker
Gladiolus psittacinus Hook. f.
Gladiolus quartinianus A. Rich.
Gladiolus ecklonii Lehm.
subsp. rehmannii (Baker) Oberm. SE
Gladiolus elliotii Baker SE
Gladiolus magnificus (Harms) Goldblatt N
Antholyza magnifica Harms
Antholyza spectabilis Schinz
Chasmanthe spectabilis (Schinz) N.E.Br.
Oenostachys zambesiacus (Baker) Goldblatt
Petamenes magnifica (Harms) R.C. Foster
Petamenes spectabilis (Schinz) E. Phillips
Petamenes zambesiacus (Baker) N.E.Br.
Gladiolus permeabilis D. Delaroche
subsp. edulis (Burch. ex Ker Gawl.) Oberm. N,SE
Gladiolus remotiflorus Baker
Gladiolus pretoriensis Kuntze SE
Gladiolus rubellus Goldblatt SE
Gladiolus unguiculatus Baker SE
Gladiolus brevicaulis Baker
Gladiolus brevifolius sensu Eyles
Gladiolus oatesii Rolfe
1314.000 LAPEIROUSIA Pourr.  
Lapeirousia bainesii Baker N,SE
Lapeirousia vaupeliana Dinter
Lapeirousia coerulea Schinz N,SW
Lapeirousia erythrantha (Klatt) Baker N
Lapeirousia rhodesiana N.E. Br.
Lapeirousia littoralis Baker
subsp. caudata (Schinz) Goldblatt N,SW
Lapeirousia caudata Schinz
Lapeirousia littoralis Baker
subsp. littoralis SE
Lapeirousia odoratissima Baker
Lapeirousia congesta Rendle
Lapeirousia juttae Dinter
Lapeirousia stenoloba Vaupel
Lapeirousia sandersonii Baker SE
Lapeirousia schimperi (Asch. & Klatt) Milne-Redh. N
Acidanthera unicolor Hochst. ex Baker
Anomatheca angolensis Baker
Lapeirousia angolensis (Baker) R.C. Foster
Lapeirousia cyanescens Welw. ex Baker
Lapeirousia dinteri Vaupel
Lapeirousia edulis Schinz
Lapeirousia fragrans Welw. ex Baker
Lapeirousia monteiroi Baker
Lapeirousia porphyrosiphon Baker
Lapeirousia uliginosa Dinter
Tritonia schimperi Asch. & Klatt

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2014-20

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2020). Flora of Botswana: Checklist: Iridaceae., retrieved 25 October 2020

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