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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
80927Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. kirkiana28 Feb 1996DK Harder
DK Harder 3573 B Verdcourt K
Collections in degraded miombo woodland on Kalahari sand. Kaoma District; ca. 6.4 km NE of Kaoma on Kaoma-Kasempa Road 2 km S of Kalamba village.0Zambia1424D2B1200

Vine; sometimes climbing, young stems with red coloration; fruit green, yellow to red to purple.

80928Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. kirkiana10 Mar 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 602 B Verdcourt B Luwiika K
Collecting along the Sinazongwe/Choma RoadChoma District; Collecting along the Sinazongwe/Choma Road, 11.6 km from the junction. 0Zambia1627C4S1200

Vine, climbing to 3 m, rare. Stems smooth red-brown, woody; leaves smooth, dark green above, light underneath; fruits purplish-black when ripen.

80929Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. kirkiana10 Mar 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 606 B Verdcourt B Luwiika K
Collecting along the Sinazongwe/Choma RoadChoma District; Collecting along the Sinazongwe/Choma Road, 11.6 km from the junction. 0Zambia1627C4S1200

Vine, rare, climbing to 2 m. Stems woody, light green with dark brown tint; fruits light green, ripening to blood red; leaves rough, dark green above, light underneath.

80930Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. kirkiana22 May 1994HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 1455 B Verdcourt K
In miombo woodlands, flats and grassy areas. At base of Mututa Ridge. Granitic soils. Chinsali District; 22.4 km NE of junction with Mbesuma Ranch road on road to Chilunda Primary School. 0Zambia0932C4N1180

Vine, prostrate along ground. Stems reddish. Fruits pinkish-red. Uncommon in woodland flats.

81791Cyphostemma buchananii01 Mar 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 1012 B Verdcourt K
Brown clay-sandy soils in mopane-Combretum woodland. Sinazongwe District; Kaneule Island on Lake Kariba. 1990Zambia1727B3S530

Vine, creeping along a Combretum to 4 m, occasional in woodland. Leaves green, rough to touch. Fruits green with short white hairs.

81792Cyphostemma buchananii14 Mar 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 1131 B Verdcourt K
Mopane woodland.Gwembe District; Siavonga area, Mutulanganga PFA No. 183, 35.4 km from Siavonga Boma along Siavonga-Lusaka Road in mopane woodland. 0Zambia1628B3S420

Climbing on young vegetation to 1.5 m, occasional. Stems and leaves light green. Fruits ripening to red, fleshy and yellow inside.

81793Cyphostemma congestum19 Mar 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2906 B Verdcourt K
Collections on rocky outcrops and near cultivations in rich soil. Lusaka District; Nachitete River Road, Chipapa village, along electrical powerline; ca. 20 km along access road and cleared section along powerline. 0Zambia1528D1C1290

Occasional; in woodland; on smaller shrubs; nodes with red spots; fruits a light, dull green.

83006Nesaea cordata15 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 4038 B Verdcourt K
Collection along valley bottom above Musaya stream, in Tonga (Sigongo) Reserve. Siavonga District; Zambezi Escarpment; along Malenga stream; ca. 14.4 km W of intersection of T2 (Kafue-Chirundu Road) and road to Siavonga/Kariba (MI5). 0Zambia1628B3S730

In muddy area; near stream; plant light green; calyx light green; petals bright purple; anthers yellow; fruit light green.

83437Rhoicissus tridentata17 Feb 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2706 B Verdcourt K
Collections from among and around exposed granite and in surrounding grasses, cracks and pockets in rock. Solwezi District; Jirundu Botanical Reserve, 9.4 km W of Solwezi-Mwinilunga Hwy. (ca. 90 km from Solwezi) on road to village and Kambezi Primary School then ca. 1.5 km W on footpath. 0Zambia1125C4W1470

Occasional; vine; to 3 m in shrub; lower stem woody, upper light green with brown; young buds green, turning red.

83438Rhoicissus tridentata10 Mar 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 601 B Verdcourt B Luwiika K
Collecting along the Sinazongwe/Choma RoadChoma District; Collecting along the Sinazongwe/Choma Road, 11.6 km from the junction. 0Zambia1627C4S1200

Vine, rare. Stems woody, greyish-brown; leaves dark green above, light with greyish-brown soft hairs underneath; fruits green to reddish-brown forming a cluster.

95325Spermacoce senensis10 Mar 1958JWH Giess
H Merxmüller
H Merxmüller 2048 B Verdcourt WIND
Caprivi: Grootfontein-North/Caprivi Strip district: Andara, close vicinity of rest camp.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1821A20

Notes: Plants annual, flowers pale blue.

83786Striga gesnerioides18 Feb 1997HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 2298 B Verdcourt K
On the escarpment and down valley to the Zambezi River. Mopane-Terminalia woodland with lithosol-cambisol soils. Livingstone District; Trust Land directly east of Mosi Oa Tunya National Park. Below Victoria Falls, along Sonqwe Gorge, 9.2 km east of the Lusaka-Livingstone Road.106,1200ZambiaS850

Herb; 35 cm erect, parasitic. Stems burgundy-purple. Calyx green. Corolla pale purple, white in throat. Uncommon.

83991Tinospora caffra05 Feb 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2615 B Verdcourt K
Collections from within disturbed and undisturbed forest habitat. Mwekera Forest College; (Mwekera) Botanical Reserve; ca. 0.25 km NE of Mwekera Dam/Reservoir; near bee house. 0Zambia1228C4W1320

Climber; to 4 m on shrubs; stems red-brown; immature fruit green.

83992Tinospora caffra22 Feb 1997HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 2350 B Verdcourt K
Along the escarpment and into the gorge, exiting to the Zambezi River. In Mopane-Terminalia woodland with cambisol-luvisol soil. Kalomo District; 27 km east of the Lusaka-Livingstone Road. On the road to Mukumi Village. 0ZambiaS870

Liana; climbing in vegetation up to 10 m. Stems grey with raised lenticels, wood soft. Leaves thick, fleshy. Fruits green turning pale yellow-orange, immature.

84105Vangueria infausta subsp. infausta31 Jan 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2536 B Verdcourt K
In miombo woodland once grazed. Soil silty, sand and hard-packed clay. Kabwe Rural District; Chisamba. Ca. 7 km W of Great North Road on road to Wardy Farm, collections on farm between farm house and Wangwe (sp?) River at western edge of property. 0Zambia1528C3C1140

Frequent; shrub; in miombo woodland; young shoots with light brown hairs; young fruits soft and light green; fruits edible.

84106Vangueria infausta subsp. infausta17 Feb 1995B Luwiika
B Luwiika 54 B Verdcourt B Luwiika K
Collecting from rock outcrop in Jirundu plains/swampSolwezi District; Jirundu National Forestry Reserve (Botanical Reserve). 95 km E of Solwezi/Mwinilunga Road, near the Kambizhi Primary School.0Zambia1125C4W1470

Tree; to ca. 5 m; trunk and stems dark brown; leaves rough on both sides dark green adaxially, lighter abaxially with small hairs; fruits round, two-seeded, dark; occasional; on rocky outcrop.

84112Vangueriopsis lanciflora28 Feb 1995B Luwiika
B Luwiika 103 B Verdcourt B Luwiika K
Miombo woodlandMwinilunga District; Ikelenge; Kavunga Protected Forest Area; adjacent to Hillwood Farms' Nchila Wildlife Reserve at Hillwood Farms; ca. 3.5 km E of Ikelenge. 1520Zambia1124A4W1350

Tree; ca. 7 m tall; bark reddish-brown; leaves dark green adaxially, light green abaxially.

84176Vitex mombassae22 May 1994HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 1411 B Verdcourt K
Along secondary road to radio transmitting tower. In rocky woodlands, with large boulders, slopes, and open areas. Predominantly granite, well eroded. Chinsali District; 24.5 km NW of junction with Isoka-Mpika road (T2); on the road to Mbesuma Ranch.0Zambia1032C4N1550

Tree; 5 m x 5 cm DBH. Bark grey, very rough. Leaves rough, pubescent. Fruits green with pale yellowish spots. Among rocks.


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