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The following is a list of the records made by Gerald Pope in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
53229Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha09 Mar 1978GV Pope
GV Pope 1628 SRGH
Granite outcrop, sponge area on rock.Nyamahere Hill, Mtoko district0Zimbabwe1732A3N0

Tufted fern

53241Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha04 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 1106 SRGH
Granite outcrop up to 1420m high, fern occuring in small colonies in shallow soil pockets on the rock.Sikanjena Hill, Belingwe district0Zimbabwe2030C1S0

48840Adiantum incisum24 Mar 1969HM Biegel
GV Pope
HM Biegel GV Pope 14237 SRGH
On steep, tall-wooded limestone slope, in leafmouldWhindale ranch, Mangula, Makonde district.0Zimbabwe1630C3N914

Tips of some fronds arching over and where they touch ground new plants develop

48860Adiantum incisum30 Jan 1970GV Pope
GV Pope 218 SRGH
Shade of deeply cut banks of Nyarandi River Nyarandi River W. of Mavuradonha mission0Zimbabwe1631B4N760

Common and tufted fern

48871Adiantum incisum29 Jan 1975GV Pope
E Russell
GV Pope E Russell 4842 SRGH
Near top of wooded gully in limestone cliffs in leafmould Confluence of Musiriswi-Bwasi River, Jersey, Chipinga district0Zimbabwe2032D1E500

99152Ceropegia barberae22 Oct 1969GV Pope
GV Pope 182 SRGH
In red sandy soilGroombridge vlei, between Teviotdale Road and Waller Avenue10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Plant 3 inches high. Rare

99110Cuscuta campestris09 Sep 1971HM Biegel
GV Pope
HM Biegel GV Pope 3601 SRGH
Parasitic on Mikania cordataWaterfalls, banks of Mukuvisi River10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Masses of yellow to brown-yellow threads. Flowering and fruiting profusely. Plant covers c. 2 x 3 m area.

97284Elytraria acaulis29 Jan 1975GV Pope
GV Pope 1439 SRGH
Western end of Mwangazi Gap, Chibunje (Chibuwe), Chipinge District.0Zimbabwe2032C2E525

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 5: 8, 2013.

122787Euphorbia serpens23 Apr 1976HM Biegel
GV Pope
HM Biegel GV Pope 1539 S Carter SRGH
Growing beside railway tracks.Harare Industrial site.10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Prostrate herb. Collector number is for GV Pope.

69887Euphorbia transvaalensis30 Jan 1975HM Biegel
GE Gibbs-Russell
GV Pope
HM Biegel GE Gibbs-Russell GV Pope 4869 SRGH
c. 1 km West of confluence Musirizwi and Bwazi Rivers, Chipinge Distict0Zimbabwe2032D1E500

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 9 part 5: 378, 2001

77300Hippocratea indica30 Jan 1975HM Biegel
GV Pope
E Russell
HM Biegel E Russell 1481 SRGH
Thicket vegetation in valley floor.West end of Mwangazi Gap, Chipinga District.0Zimbabwe2032C2E440

Dense dark green climber; flower perianth yellow.

94292Hippocratea parviflora24 Oct 1972HM Biegel
GV Pope
E Russell
HM Biegel GV Pope E Russell 853 SRGH
At base of hill among boulders in Kirkia acuminata grove.Gubatsa Hills, Chobe National Park0Botswana1824C1N936

Scrambling shrub with stems up to 3 m long trailing over rocks. Perianth green with light green margins to the segments.

74101Holubia saccata17 Apr 1971GV Pope
GV Pope 317 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Roadside in disturbed soilOrapa0Botswana2125A4N975

Fleshy annual to 0.75 m tall. Flowers cream changing to pink.

105808Litanthus pusillus30 Oct 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
N Gosden
HM Biegel GV Pope N Gosden 1125 PRE
In rock cracksMt Buhwa, Belingwe District580Zimbabwe2030C2S1650

Cited in Manning et al., 2013: 97

117907Lobelia sonderiana23 Oct 1969GV Pope
GV Pope 186 SRGH
VleiGroombridge vlei, between Teviotdale Road and Waller Avenue.1,80Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Cited in FZ 7(1), p. 143.

106612Macroptilium atropurpureum21 Mar 1982RM Polhill
GV Pope
RM Polhill GV Pope 2077 SRGH
Roadside in Brachystegia woodlandMazoe Dam0Zimbabwe1730D2N0

Perennial with trailing stems, erect inflorescences, dark purple flowers. [The earliest record of this species in Zimbabwe].

42475Marsilea minuta var. minuta21 Sep 1981GV Pope
GV Pope 1989 SRGH
Drying out seasonally flooded bed of pool, clay soil W end of long pool, Mana Pools590Zimbabwe1529C4N360

Dense growth in deep holes left by elephanth feet

51852Ophioglossum polyphyllum09 Mar 1978GV Pope
GV Pope 1633 SRGH
Wooded rocky outcrop, grassy slopes between boulders, coarse sandy soil.Mtoko, Tsiko.0Zimbabwe1732A3E0

Erect herbs in an area of c. 5 x 5m square

40655Rhinacanthus zambesiacus01 Feb 1975HM Biegel
GV Pope
E Russell
HM Biegel GV Pope E Russell 4908 SRGH
In woody vegetation on sandy streambank, in partial shade5 km South of Rusongo Hill on Border rd, Remayi0Zimbabwe2032C4S400

69012Salacia luebbertii23 Oct 1972HM Biegel
GE Gibbs-Russell
GV Pope
HM Biegel GE Gibbs-Russell GV Pope 4032 SRGH
Among porphyry bouldersEast face Gubatsha Hills, Savute, Chobe National Park0Botswana1824C1N940

Shrub 0.7 m; new growth measures 0.5 m. Area probably burnt the previous year

69013Salacia luebbertii26 Oct 1972HM Biegel
GE Gibbs-Russell
GV Pope
HM Biegel GE Gibbs-Russell GV Pope 4071B SRGH
In deciduous woodland with Burkea africana, Terminalia sericea, Combretum psidioides on fine grained sand. c. 17 NNW of Savuti drift above Gubashe Hills, Siambiso0Botswana1823B4N940

Probably rhizomatous, many-stemmed shrub, regrown to 0.6 m after burn. Tufts of stems 1 per 2m sq. on area of c. 30 x 50 m.

41858Selaginella dregei05 May 1964GV Pope
GV Pope 83 SRGH
Shallow sandy soil on granite outcrop W bank of Turgwe, 2 miles below Cherere school, Bikita0Zimbabwe2031B1UN46-75-S945

42100Selaginella mittenii09 May 1969GV Pope
GV Pope 126 SRGH
Riverine forest, damp rocks of perennial stream Mt. Horze, S slope base, Bikita0Zimbabwe2031B1UN45-81-S1065

42101Selaginella mittenii04 May 1969GV Pope
GV Pope 47 SRGH
Shaded, moist, granite rocks on riverbank Turgwe river, 400 yards above confluence with Dafora river, Bikita0Zimbabwe2031B1S945

35553Stomatostemma monteiroae19 Jan 1975HM Biegel
GV Pope
E Russell
HM Biegel GV Pope E Russell 1440 SRGH
Shrubby vegetation and thickets on sandy soil.West end of Mwangazi Gap, Chipinga District0Zimbabwe2032C2E440


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