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The following is a list of the records made by Norman Chase in species name order. The records are of species which occur in botambique (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
53234Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha12 Apr 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 1001 SRGH
Umwaouku River at Rusape Bridge0Zimbabwe1832C1C0

48741Adiantum capillus-veneris29 Jul 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3191 SRGH
StreamsideMavuradona Mts.760Zimbabwe1631B3N915

Var. minor

48742Adiantum capillus-veneris01 Sep 1955NC Chase
NC Chase 5748 SRGH
Rain forestVictoria Falls240Zimbabwe1725D4W910

48749Adiantum capillus-veneris06 Feb 1955NC Chase
NC Chase 5598 SRGH
In gully in shade near stream, hillside south faceAmberley, Imbeza Valley0Zimbabwe1832D3E1280

48750Adiantum capillus-veneris23 Dec 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 3835 SRGH
Breidel Veil Falls, Chimanimani640Zimbabwe1932D4E0

48751Adiantum capillus-veneris08 Aug 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3200 SRGH
Pungwe River0Zimbabwe1832B4E0

Var. minor

48865Adiantum incisum19 Apr 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3311 SRGH
Jattanham Corner, Menini River, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1932B1E0

Prolific fronds

48866Adiantum incisum14 May 1962NC Chase
NC Chase 7706 SRGH
Small mountain gully, west of riverine fringe of upper Ianganda RiverNew Years Gift Tea Plantation, Chipinga district0Zimbabwe2031B1E730

48867Adiantum incisum27 Mar 1953NC Chase
NC Chase 4796 SRGH
In shade at base of boulders on hillsideMaranki Reserve, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1932A4E820

48868Adiantum incisum21 Nov 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 3830 SRGH
Granite hillKelly's park, Mjr. Daw's farm, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E0

48870Adiantum incisum26 Jan 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3839 SRGH
Umvumvumvu River Bridge, Hot Springs Road0Zimbabwe1932D1E0

18211Aeollanthus neglectus08 Apr 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 6067 SRGH
Mountain side among bouldersZimunya's Reserve0Zimbabwe1932B1E980

Small herb, flowers mauve. Leaves evil-smelling.

115055Aerva lanata18 Sep 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6710 SRGH
mountain slopeBeyond Penhalonga border.0Mozambique1832D3MS1490

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 9, part 1 (1988).

52098Ampelopteris prolifera05 Sep 1955NC Chase
NC Chase 5776 AHG Alston SRGH
Against boulders in sandy bed of Tokwe riverTokwe River- Chibi district0Zimbabwe2030A4S1100

52099Ampelopteris prolifera09 Jun 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6540 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Amongst Phragmites mauritianaLeft bank of Odzi River at irrigation weir beyond confluence of Dora and Odzi Rivers, Zimunya Reserve.0Zimbabwe1932B1E975

52100Ampelopteris prolifera09 Jun 1963NC Chase
NC Chase 8027 SRGH
Odzi River bank at ganging weirNorth of Hot Springs Hotel0Zimbabwe1932C2E0

52101Ampelopteris prolifera01 Mar 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3465 SRGH
Park River commonage, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E0

Park River = Umtali (Mutare) park? Unsure of QDS

35377Asplenium cordatum10 Apr 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 6062 SRGH
On rocks near river Menine River (Muneni river?), Mutare commonage0Zimbabwe1832D3E1067

52621Cyclosorus interruptus17 Jun 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 6142 SRGH
StreamsideBurma Valley630Zimbabwe1932B2E910

Fronds erect up to 3' 6"

52622Cyclosorus interruptus10 Aug 1952NC Chase
NC Chase 4625 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
RavineS.W. portion "Eastlands" Farm, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E1220

Rachis and underside villose. Fronds +/- 2' long, +/- 8 inches broad

32029Duosperma crenatum20 Jan 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6299 BR
Roadside vegetaionUmvumvumvu River Gorge470Zimbabwe1932D1E825

32021Duosperma quadrangulare26 Jun 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 2567 BR
Riverbank alluviumSouth bank of Sabi River, Maringua0MozambiqueGI185

22416Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum06 Jul 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 1585 SRGH
Sandy soil, frequentHondi Valley, Mpanga river (Mupenga river?)0Zimbabwe1832D2E0

22418Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum13 May 1961NC Chase
NC Chase 7673 SRGH
Mutare, Muneni river, S of old slaughter house beyond railway gangers cottage, end of Carrington Rd.0Zimbabwe1832D3E1065

22419Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum09 Mar 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3458 SRGH
Chipanda stream at subsided bridgeMutare, Hillside Golf Course0Zimbabwe1832D3E0

69881Euphorbia transvaalensis09 Jan 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 1574 LC Leach SRGH
Growing in splits of huge granite masses on side of hill Dora river bridge, 6 miles South of Umtali (Mutare)0Zimbabwe1932B3E1068

Small herb 18 inches high. Leaves in clusters of six. Flowers yellow, attractive

22507Gomphocarpus fruticosus subsp. fruticosus11 Mar 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3069 SRGH
Nyangombe Falls, Nyanga Distr.154,1550Zimbabwe1832B3E1590

77304Hippocratea indica21 Jul 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 2231 NKB Robson SRGH
On stony ridge.c. 1/2 mile from Zambezi River, Msusa, Baroda District (this location no longer exists and has been submerged in Lake Cahora Bassa since 1975).0Mozambique1531D1T317

Rambling shrub up to 8'. Leaves opposite, simple. Fruit a capsule; seeds winged.

68967Kedrostis foetidissima12 Jan 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 5950 C Jeffrey SRGH
Commonage, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3E1080

Climber; tendrils not cleft; leaves herbaceous, pubescent, alternate; flowers insignificant, yellow; fruit an orange coloured berry.

68969Kedrostis foetidissima31 May 1964NC Chase
NC Chase 8163 SRGH
South boundary Mutare Park, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3E1090

Climber, stems green, plant hairy. Tendrils undivided. Leaves light green. Flowers small, yellow. Fruit a red hairy berry containing two brown seeds.

42467Marsilea ephippiocarpa09 Jun 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 2255 SRGH
Damp rocky stream, bed in savannah country Sabi-Lundi rivers junction area, 14 miles on rd. From Chief Christos village0Zimbabwe2132A4E0

22454Microlepia speluncae17 Jul 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 2025 SRGH
Inyanga, Pungwe watershed0Zimbabwe1832B4E0

22459Microlepia speluncae13 Sep 1954NC Chase
NC Chase 5280 SRGH
StreamsideImbezi Valley0Zimbabwe1832D3E1095

51854Ophioglossum polyphyllum10 Feb 1953NC Chase
NC Chase 4775 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In shade on black soil on hillocks.Maranki Reserve, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1932A4E1100


51855Ophioglossum polyphyllum13 Jan 1952NC Chase
NC Chase 4319 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On granite in shallow soil, hilltopZimunya Reserve, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1932B1E1005

Herb up to 5"

51856Ophioglossum polyphyllum26 Feb 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 4033 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In shade of treesNyangani, Inyanga district0Zimbabwe1832B4E1830

4" plant

118810Pavetta eylesii20 May 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 3903 SRGH
In forest among granite boulders near summit of hill (4081 ft [1244 m]).Raheen farm, Mutare District.0Zimbabwe1932B1E1244

Position for Raheen Farm obtained from No doubt approximate. This is the only known record of this species from the Eastern Division.

53432Pteris vittata22 Jun 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 4029 SRGH
Upper Park River Commonage, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E1100

(Park River = Mutare Park?)

53433Pteris vittata11 Jul 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 3822 SRGH
In gully facing NorthEastlands, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E1005

53446Pteris vittata10 Sep 1964NC Chase
NC Chase s.n. SRGH
Growing on limestone.Roadside near Biriwiri, Chimanimani district0Zimbabwe1932D3E0

40657Rhinacanthus zambesiacus23 Mar 1959NC Chase
NC Chase 7075 SRGH
Umtali Commonage0Zimbabwe1932D3E1100

41408Salvinia molesta22 Aug 1955NC Chase
NC Chase 5730 CF Reed SRGH
Floating aquatic herbPark river, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3E1100

41869Selaginella dregei17 Nov 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3128 SRGH
Summit of Mhuri Inyashuuti farm, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3VQ64-25-E0

41871Selaginella dregei05 Jun 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 759 SRGH
Shallow soil on granite Dora river bridge, 6 miles S of town, Mutare0Zimbabwe1932B1E0

41872Selaginella dregei31 Jan 1954NC Chase
NC Chase 5188 SRGH
On rocks near Odzani river Mutasa S reserve, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3E1220

42072Selaginella kraussiana23 Dec 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 4036 SRGH
Bridal Veil Falls, Chimanimani640Zimbabwe1932D4VP842120E0

42078Selaginella kraussiana15 May 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3270 SRGH
Imbeza forest estate, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3E0

42079Selaginella kraussiana11 Aug 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3238 SRGH
Falls above Pungwe rest huts, Inyanga0Zimbabwe1832B4E0

42105Selaginella mittenii29 Apr 1952NC Chase
NC Chase 4502 SRGH
Tree bole beside stream in deep shaded gulley Stapleford

35551Stomatostemma monteiroae29 Dec 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 1474 BM
Growing into the tops of mopane treesSouth of Hot Springs Hotel310Zimbabwe1932C2E0

35510Striga gesnerioides16 Mar 1958NC Chase
NC Chase 6853 SRGH
In semi shade at foot of hillsZimunya's Reserve, Umtali District (Mutare)0Zimbabwe1932B1E915

52523Thelypteris confluens22 Nov 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3342 SRGH
Beside streamNyangani farm, Nyanga district0Zimbabwe1832B4E0

52524Thelypteris confluens23 Feb 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3389 SRGH
In swampy ground with grassSource of Hondi River0Zimbabwe1832D2E0

52526Thelypteris confluens07 Aug 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 1055 SRGH
Upper Park River, Mutare commonage0Zimbabwe1832D3E0

52531Thelypteris confluens10 Dec 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3350 SRGH
Source of Buzi(?), West of Chipinga, Chimanimani district0Zimbabwe2032B1E0

52533Thelypteris confluens04 Sep 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 1135 SRGH
In swampy ground in gully. South East of Cross Hill, Condy's Border.Drumfad Farm, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E0


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