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The following is a list of the records made by Penny English in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
98728Annona stenophylla subsp. nana18 Nov 2018P English
MA Hyde BT Wursten In very rocky area that had been burnt.Chizarira NP1610Zimbabwe1727D4N1063

Small bush just coming into leaf

76294Asystasia retrocarpa15 Jan 2015P English
W McCleland Near the Kwalusi staff village, Bubye Valley conservancy0Zimbabwe2130C4S580

76295Asystasia retrocarpa19 Feb 2016P English
W McCleland In very rocky basalt soil, in open groundNear the Kwalusi staff village, Bubye Valley conservancy0Zimbabwe2130C4S580

94975Barleria coriacea25 Nov 2017P English
I Darbyshire In soft basalt soilLess than 1 km E of Karombi tank, Mazunga area of the Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2129D2S620

94976Barleria coriacea25 Nov 2017P English
In soft basalt soilNorth of Karombi tank / South of turn off to Chamakundau water point, Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2129D2S657

95820Barleria coriacea10 Jan 2018P English
Gutu pan – Mazunga area, Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2130C1S622

57732Barleria virgula18 Jan 2014P English
P English I Darbyshire On basaltMazunga horse paddock, Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2129D2S590

68565Camptorrhiza strumosa 2002P English
P English BT Wursten Near the hide at Shumba, Hwange National Park.50Zimbabwe1826C4W1040

68566Camptorrhiza strumosa Dec 2010P English
BT Wursten Near Towa airstrip, Matabeleland South 0Zimbabwe2129B4S695

57737Cephalocroton mollis17 Nov 2009P English
MA Hyde On basaltAlong the road in the Chamalaya area of the Bubye Valley Conservancy.0Zimbabwe2129D2S660

Between the Chamalaya water point and No 25 water point.

57738Cephalocroton mollis06 Feb 2010P English
MA Hyde On basaltAlong the road in the Chamalaya area of the Bubye Valley Conservancy.0Zimbabwe2129D2S660

Between the Chamalaya water point and No 25 water point.

107411Dicoma arenaria10 Jan 2010P English
P English BT Wursten Chamalaya area (14km from main gate at Towla), Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2129D2S652

Fairly widespread here

98722Diospyros mespiliformis17 Nov 2018P English
P English BT Wursten In mixed deciduous woodland on rocky hill slope toward seasonal streamChizarira NP1610Zimbabwe1727D2N992

Large tree

43443Distephanus divaricatus29 May 2010P English
MA Hyde Base of Silungube Hill, Towla HQ, Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2129B4S700

43444Distephanus divaricatus25 May 2010P English
MA Hyde Along a trailMt Towla, Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2129B4S700

113697Eulophia livingstoneana20 Nov 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In Miombo woodland.Between Thazima offices and Park gate, Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D3 N1665

This species was not listed by Burrows & Willis, Sabonet report 31, 2005.

73088Felicia clavipilosa subsp. transvaalensis18 Apr 2016P English
P English BT Wursten In cracks on sandstoneNear Samanyanga camp, Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2130C1S570

74914Ipomoea adenioides var. adenioides Jan 2004P English
N English
P English BT Wursten Mopane woodlandc. 2km from Lukosi siding adjoining Hwange National Park0Zimbabwe1826C2W835

77420Ipomoea tuberculata var. tuberculata Mar 2003P English
T Sando In yardStaff housing, Sinamatella Camp, Hwange National Park50Zimbabwe1826C2W990

Flowers creamy yellow with a purplish centre. It grew in our yard at Sinamatella but only flowered with good rains.

76544Lepidagathis scabra10 Apr 2016P English
I Darbyshire Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2129B4S720

It grows in the shade as a small bushy plant not much more than 30cm high. The leaves are very dark green and the flowers grow out of bracts that arise at the leaf axils. There are 3 lower lobes with some patterning on the centre lobe, and a single upper lobe. The colour ranged from pale mauve to a darker mauve in some specimens.

73214Monsonia glauca17 Dec 2013P English
P English BT Wursten Dry deciduous woodlandNo. 5 water point scout base, Bubye Valley Conservancy0Zimbabwe2130C1S652

80315Nicotiana glauca27 Jul 2017P English
P English BT Wursten In a dry paddockNear the golf course, Bulawayo.810Zimbabwe2028B1W1362

72863Nuxia oppositifolia28 Dec 2013P English
BT Wursten At edge of riverBubye river, near boundary of BVC and Bubiana Conservancy.0Zimbabwe2129B4S687

84889Oenothera rosea29 Sep 2017P English
BT Wursten Growing in damp areaBulawayo golf course, Bulawayo.810Zimbabwe2028B1W1356

113791Schizocarphus nervosus18 Dec 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In a burnt area in grassland.Along the track beyond Vitumbi peak, Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D4N2206

Up to about 20 cm tall. Leaves were just beginning to grow - generally 3 per plant. Flowers light mauve with a darker centre.

84978Schotia brachypetala27 Aug 2017P English
P English By a large old termite mound near a river.Near Mtezegwe weir, Bubye Valley Conservancy 0Zimbabwe2130A3S649

51258Syncolostemon elliottii14 Dec 2009P English
MA Hyde In mainly decomposed granite soilNear Brookman's gate, on the Bubye Valley side of the fence between the Bubye Valley/ Bubianna conservancies0Zimbabwe2129B4S730

A small shrubby plant, slightly aromatic. The leaves are pale green and very slightly fuzzy, more so on the upper surface. The flowers have a white lower lobe and purplish or white and purple streaked upper lobe. They seem to be paired along the stem rather than whorled. At the terminal end of these stems are pale pink bracts.


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