Records made by Rémy Pasquet

Records: 35

The following is a list of the records made by Rémy Pasquet in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
80947Andropogon chinensis24 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1232 EA Kellogg Shallow soil over sandstone.Mporokoso to Mbala. 0Zambia0931C2N1550

80949Andropogon eucomus subsp. eucomus30 Apr 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1163 EA Kellogg SwampKasama, Mporokoso0Zambia0930D1N1410

80950Andropogon eucomus subsp. eucomus17 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1208 EA Kellogg Barotse floodplain.Barotse floodplain.0Zambia1523A4B1010

80952Andropogon eucomus subsp. huillensis24 Oct 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1265 EA Kellogg Kundalila Falls1210Zambia1330B1C1485

80954Andropogon fastigiatus24 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1231 EA Kellogg Shallow soil over sandstone.Mporokoso to Mbala. 0Zambia0931C2N1550

80957Andropogon gayanus30 Apr 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1153 EA Kellogg Near Chishimba Falls.2010Zambia1030B2N1310

80958Andropogon gayanus01 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1174 EA Kellogg Road from Mbala to Mpulungu0Zambia0831C4N1440

80965Andropogon schirensis01 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1170 EA Kellogg Near Mbala.0Zambia0831C4N1660

80966Andropogon schirensis15 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1202 EA Kellogg Road from Kaoma to Zambezi.0Zambia1424D1B1130

81363Chrysopogon nigritanus14 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1200 EA Kellogg Kafue National Park.1000Zambia1425D4C1095

82101Elymandra grallata03 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1184 EA Kellogg Near Northern Luangwa National Park.910Zambia1131D2N1200

82173Eriochrysis pallida30 Apr 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1162 EA Kellogg SwampKasama, Mporokoso0Zambia0930D1N1410

82174Eriochrysis pallida03 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1176 EA Kellogg Mbala. Chila Lake.0Zambia0831C4N1620

82544Hyparrhenia dichroa20 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1215 EA Kellogg Mount Makulu Research Station1510Zambia1528C1C1220

82549Hyparrhenia nyassae01 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1168 EA Kellogg Near Mbala.0Zambia0831C4N1650

82555Hyparrhenia rufa03 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1182 EA Kellogg Near Northern Luangwa National Park.910Zambia1131D2N1200

82561Hyperthelia dissoluta22 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1216 EA Kellogg RoadsideRoad from Serenje to Mansa.0Zambia1330A1C1480

82922Miscanthus junceus30 Apr 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1155 EA Kellogg Chishimba Falls, by the river.2010Zambia1030B2N1310

82923Miscanthus junceus14 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1201 EA Kellogg Road from Lusaka to Kaoma.0Zambia1425C4B1180

82924Miscanthus junceus16 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1206 EA Kellogg Road from Zambezi to Mongu.0Zambia1323D3B1040

82925Miscanthus junceus19 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1213 EA Kellogg Road from Livingstone to Lusaka.0Zambia1726A2S1200

82926Miscanthus junceus22 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1217 EA Kellogg SwampRoad from Serenje to Mansa.0Zambia1230C2C1220

82927Miscanthus junceus24 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1228 EA Kellogg SwampRoad from Mporokoso to Mbala. 0Zambia0930A4N1440

82938Monocymbium ceresiiforme04 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1194 EA Kellogg DamboMutinondo Wilderness.1160Zambia1231A4N1450

82939Monocymbium ceresiiforme20 Oct 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1255 EA Kellogg DamboSinkabolo dambo0Zambia1124C1W1395

83561Schizachyrium jeffreysii01 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1166 EA Kellogg Near Mbala.0Zambia0831C4N1640

83562Schizachyrium jeffreysii02 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1175 EA Kellogg Chila Lake.0Zambia0831C4N1620

83563Schizachyrium jeffreysii16 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1204 EA Kellogg Zambezi to Mongu0Zambia1423B2B1100

83565Schizachyrium sanguineum01 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1167 EA Kellogg Near Mbala.0Zambia0831C4N1650

83566Schizachyrium sanguineum03 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1177 EA Kellogg Near Mbala.0Zambia0831C3N1610

83690Sorghum versicolor03 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1178 EA Kellogg Near Northern Luangwa National Park.910Zambia1131D2N1230

84005Trachypogon spicatus29 Apr 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1151 EA Kellogg Road from Isoka to Kasama.0Zambia1032C4N1590

84006Trachypogon spicatus29 Apr 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1152 EA Kellogg Road from Isoka to Kasama.0Zambia0

84084Urelytrum agropyroides24 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1233 EA Kellogg Open woodland.Near Luanza Falls.0Zambia0831C3N1445

84182Vossia cuspidata17 May 2013 Pasquet
Pasquet 1207 EA Kellogg Barotse floodplain.Barotse floodplain.0Zambia1523B3B1010


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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2022). Flora of Botswana: Records made by Rémy Pasquet., retrieved 7 July 2022

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