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Family name Species nameEndemicFZ DivisionRed data
Fabaceae subfamily MimosoideaeAcacia hebeclada subsp. tristis DD
Fabaceae subfamily MimosoideaeAcacia hebeclada subsp. chobiensis LR-nt
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeAdenium boehmianum SEEN
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeAdenium oleifolium SEVU
PortulacaceaeAnacampseros rhodesica Near-endemicNVU
OrchidaceaeAnsellia africana NVU
AsteraceaeArctotis rogersii DD
PoaceaeAristida wildii Endemic?NDD
AcanthaceaeBarleria matopensis LR-lc
AcanthaceaeBlepharis bainesii N,SELR-lc
CapparaceaeBoscia foetida subsp. minima LR-nt
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeCeropegia floribunda DD
AnthericaceaeChlorophytum krauseanum Near-endemicSWVU
CyperaceaeEleocharis cubangensis Near-endemicNDD
EriospermaceaeEriospermum seineri EndemicDD
EriospermaceaeEriospermum triphyllum DD
AsteraceaeErlangea remifolia EndemicNDD
SapindaceaeErythrophysa transvaalensis SEVU
OrchidaceaeEulophia angolensis NVU
OrchidaceaeEulophia latilabris NVU
EuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia venteri NEN
NeuradaceaeGrielum cuneifolium DD
OrchidaceaeHabenaria pasmithii Near-endemic?NDD
PedaliaceaeHarpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens N,SW,SELR-nt
PedaliaceaeHarpagophytum procumbens subsp. transvaalense SELR-nt
PedaliaceaeHarpagophytum zeyheri subsp. schijffii LR-nt
PedaliaceaeHarpagophytum zeyheri subsp. sublobatum NLR-nt
PedaliaceaeHarpagophytum zeyheri subsp. zeyheri SELR-nt
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeHoodia currorii subsp. lugardii VU
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeHuernia levyi VU
ScrophulariaceaeJamesbrittenia concinna Endemic?DD
ScrophulariaceaeJamesbrittenia integerrima Endemic?DD
EuphorbiaceaeJatropha botswanica EndemicN,SELR-lc
AizoaceaeNananthus aloides Near-endemic?SWDD
AizoaceaeNananthus margaritiferus SW?DD
LythraceaeNesaea minima EndemicNEN
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeOrbea knobelii N,SW,SEVU
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeOrbea tapscottii SEEN
PoaceaePanicum gilvum NDD
PoaceaePanicum pilgerianum N,SEDD
CyperaceaePycreus okavangensis NLR-lc
AsteraceaeRennera laxa DD
PoaceaeSporobolus bechuanicus Near-endemicDD
SantalaceaeThesium dissitum NDD
OrchidaceaeZeuxine africana NDD

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2020). Flora of Botswana: List of red data species., retrieved 5 July 2020

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