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The following is a list of the records confirmed by Hans-Dieter Ihlenfeldt in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
74120Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. transvaalense10 Jan 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 10682 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Beitbridge0Zimbabwe2229B2 S550

Prostrate semi-succulent; corolla lobes mauve, inside of tube cream

74122Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. transvaalense25 Mar 1959RB Drummond
RB Drummond 6003 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In Mopane-Acacia bushBetween custom post and Limpopo River, Beitbridge0Zimbabwe2229B2 S445

Annual prostrate stems from perennial tuberous root. Tube cream outside, yellow within. Lobes purple.

74126Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. transvaalense Nov 1955RM Davies
RM Davies 1651 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Mixed Combretum, Sclerocarya, Lonchocarpus veld. Railway construction road, Tswiza (Iwiza), Nuanetsi District0Zimbabwe2131D3 S435

74127Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. transvaalense20 Apr 1972N Dawson
N Dawson 12 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In Kalahari sandKhutse0Botswana2324A4 SE0

Fairly common

74128Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens C Skarpe
C Skarpe S-319 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In open savanna with Aristida meridionalis, Stipagrostis uniplumis etc.25 km NW Hukuntsi along the track to Ncojane, Kgalagadi North District.0Botswana2321D3 SW1155

Plants with tuber of varying shape and size, perennial. Creeper with somewhat glaucous leaves, flowers violet to red, large fruit with sharp hooks.

74132Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens22 Nov 1979J Timberlake
J Timberlake 2049 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Open Acacia erioloba bush savanna sandveld.Honye Well, near Maokane, mid-west Ngwaketse District0Botswana2424D3 SE0

Trailing fleshy herb from large rootstock. Tubular dull purple flowers. Large fruits with spiny protuberances. Roots used medicinally. Common.

74133Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens17 Feb 1960H Wild
H Wild 4982 H-D Ihlenfeldt At edge of panTakatokwane Pan0Botswana2424A2 SE1080

Flowers purple - yellow throat

74134Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens17 Nov 1973RC Biggs
RC Biggs M317 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In mopane woodland on sand. Chief's Island Okavango Delta, Ngamiland.1640Botswana1923A3 N960

74135Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens10 Dec 1975PJ Mott
PJ Mott 969 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On moist ground70 miles SW of Maun near Lake Ngami.0Botswana2022B4 N915

Spreading herb; flowers deep pink

74136Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens28 Feb 1967FL Lambrecht
FL Lambrecht 79 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In grassland with shrubsMatsaudi on road to Bhorobe1640Botswana1923C4 N940

Vine with large white flowers tipped mauve and big leaves.

74137Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens04 Mar 1977PJ Mott
PJ Mott 1121 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Kang, 300 km West of Gaborone0Botswana2322D2 sw1067

Stems prostrate, spreading from central rootstock. Flowers magenta. Leaves silver-green. Long fruit green. Occasional.

74138Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens01 Feb 1970RC Brown
RC Brown 8400 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In white sand over calcrete and quartzite; mixed tree and shrub savanna with Catophractes alexandri, Acacia luederitzii, Stipagrostis uniplumis, 9 miles South of Ghanzi on Lobatsi road.0Botswana2121D3 SW915

Has large clawed fruits.

74139Harpagophytum procumbens subsp. procumbens07 Jan 1974JF Ngoni
JF Ngoni 257 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In mopane, Commiphora, Terminalia sericea, T. prunoides, Sclerocarya birrea mixed woodland on kalahari sand.Ilalamakele- Mosu area near Soa Pan.0Botswana2125B2 SE910

Herb, flowers pink-purple

74123Harpagophytum zeyheri subsp. sublobatum29 Jan 1974DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 4468 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On bare reddish sand over granite.Antelope Mine Dam, Matobo District0Zimbabwe2128A2 W980

Flowers dull purplish-maroon with light greenish yellow in the throat. Fruit with short stout hooks, mostly on margin.

74124Harpagophytum zeyheri subsp. sublobatum24 Mar 1980P Kabisa
P Kabisa 19 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In wooded grassland.Between Town Council office and African township, Victoria Falls.240Zimbabwe1725D4 W925

Herb 20 cm tall; pink flowers.

74125Harpagophytum zeyheri subsp. sublobatum22 Feb 1967JE Rushworth
JE Rushworth 110 H-D Ihlenfeldt Open tall grassland with numerous small Mundulea sericea trees on Kalahari sand.c. 1 mile NE of Dina Pan, 23 miles WSW of Shapi Camp, Hwange National Park.50Zimbabwe1926A1 W1015

Creeper; large mauve-pink flowers; leaves slightly fleshy, discolorous. Fairly frequent.

73939Holubia saccata23 Mar 1950FL Orpen
FL Orpen 061/50 H Wild H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On sandy soil in open veld.Antelope Mine, Bulawayo, Matobo0Zimbabwe2128A2W1067

18" herbaceous shrub; much branched stem, purple-pink; flowers creamy-green; fruit reddish.
Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:89 (1988).

73943Holubia saccata21 Apr 1961LC Leach
LC Leach 10795 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
10 miles North of Beitbridge0Zimbabwe2229B2S555

Herb erect to prostrate. Flowers pale yellow. Fruits 4-winged.

73944Holubia saccata Jun 1963DL Garley
DL Garley 756 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Kyle Dam area.0Zimbabwe2031A1S1070

Flowers pale magenta; up to 1 foot high spreading.

73962Holubia saccata17 Mar 1967S Mavi
S Mavi 226 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On sandy soil.Beitbridge town near bridge0Zimbabwe2229B2S435

Small herb; flowers cream.

73963Holubia saccata13 Feb 1972RD Kelly
RD Kelly 526 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
5 miles from Chipinda Pools and close to Chipinda store, Matibi no. 2 T.T.L.0Zimbabwe2131B4S335

Flowers creamy-yellow; fruits 4-winged.

74101Holubia saccata17 Apr 1971GV Pope
GV Pope 317 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Roadside in disturbed soilOrapa0Botswana2125A4N975

Fleshy annual to 0.75 m tall. Flowers cream changing to pink.

74102Holubia saccata07 Mar 1961HM Richards
HM Richards 14544 H-D Ihlenfeldt Francistown0Botswana2127B1N915

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:89 (1988).

74103Holubia saccata13 Jan 1974A Kockott
A Kockott 278 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In fallow landsIlalamabele/Mosu area near Soa Pan0Botswana2125B2SE910

74104Holubia saccata11 Mar 1977OJ Hansen
OJ Hansen 3066 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Acacia nigrescens-Combretum apiculatum wooded grassland in sandy soil.Seleka Ranch,Central District.0Botswana2327B2SE790

0.5 m tall erect herb. Flowers white. Plant grazed by cattle.

74105Holubia saccata15 May 1981J Woolland
J Woolland 972 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
20 miles South of Mahalapye0Botswana2326B3SE932

74118Pterodiscus aurantiacus03 Feb 1970RC Brown
RC Brown Mamuno 38 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In mixed tree and shrub savanna, characterized by Albizia anthelmintica and Combretum apiculatum. In thin clay veneer over quartzite.Border gate between Namibia and Botswana0Botswana2220A3SW1067

Flowers bright orange and very attractive. Plant boiled before pressing.
Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:94 (1988)

74141Pterodiscus speciosus17 Jan 1960LC Leach
ARA Noel
LC Leach ARA Noel 139 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On stony hillside.Farm Springfield, 2 miles South of Lobatsi, East of Railway. 0Botswana2525B1SE1210

Flowers carmine

74142Pterodiscus speciosus20 Feb 1973ET Kelaole
ET Kelaole A151 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In loamy sandy soil in mixed bushes and trees.Content Farm, Gaborone.0Botswana2425D2SE1000

Herb c. 35 cm high. Flowers pink outside and navy inside. Fifth petal very pale yellow, others pink.

74107Sesamothamnus lugardii Oct 1959GL Guy
GL Guy G5/59 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On BasaltInseze Forest Reserve, Nyamandhlovu0Zimbabwe1927D2W1105

Fleshy shrub to 8'

74108Sesamothamnus lugardii Oct 1953FL Orpen
FL Orpen 35/53 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Gwaai Bridge, Tjolotlo road, Wankie (Hwange) District.0Zimbabwe1927B3W990

74109Sesamothamnus lugardii22 Mar 1959RB Drummond
RB Drummond 5935 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Alluvial plain with scattered Acacia senegal, A. nebrownii, Balanites, Cadaba termitaria, Albizia anthelmintica, A. tortilis, Salvadora australis, Lycium etc.Floodplain north of Shash-Limpopo confluence, Beitbridge District0Zimbabwe2229A2S580

Spiny tree with ascending branches, thick at base. 15 foot high; in fruit

74110Sesamothamnus lugardii Jan 1969HH Burrows
HH Burrows 254 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH

Squat tree; cream flowers, frangipani smell.

74111Sesamothamnus lugardii20 Nov 1978PA Smith
PA Smith 2517 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Among Commiphora sp. and Catophractes alexandri in hard loamy soil in open grassland with few small Terminalia prunoides.!5.5 km from Mopipi village bound on track to Rysana Pan0Botswana2125A1SE918

Tree 2-3.5 m tall with trunk swollen at base but tapering into branches like a baobab. Dark yellowish-green papery bark. Flowers trumpet-shaped white inside but tinged purplish outside.

74112Sesamothamnus lugardii16 Jan 1974JF Ngoni
JF Ngoni 346 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
On Kalahari sand.Stream below Mosu Village, Soa Pan0Botswana2126A1SE1000

Tree c. 4 m high.

74113Sesamothamnus lugardii22 Nov 1964RH Smithers
RH Smithers 4 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
At edge of pan in calcareous groundEdge of Chukutsa Pan0Botswana2125A3913

Shrub up to 10 feet high.

74114Sesamothamnus lugardii Aug 1962AM Yalala
AM Yalala 193 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In rocky soilsNear Motautsi River Road - Simlala, Tuli Block0Botswana2228B2SE635

Small thick based tree; yellowish-brown bark

74115Sesamothamnus lugardii23 Mar 1965RB Drummond
H Wild
RB Drummond H Wild 7239 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Dominant in scrub community adjacent to pan. With Acacia tortilis, Commiphora pyracanthoides, Catophractes alexandri, Mundulea sericea etc.Between Lake Dow (Xau) and Chukusa Pan, 74 km West of Lethlekane0Botswana2124B2SE930

Up to 3 m high

74226Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii Apr 1918F Eyles
F Eyles 1315 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Long Island, Victoria Falls.0Zambia1725D4S895

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:102 (1988). Although this record is cited for the Western Division of Zimbabwe, the island now belongs to Zambia's Southern Division.

74227Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii31 Jan 1978PA Smith
PA Smith 2328 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In open grassland on an island edge well above water level. Along the Cuando-Linyanti system.0Botswana1823A2N960

A 1 m tall herb with woody rootstock. Elsewhere noted at the drier limits of floodplains well away from perennial swamps. Scattered distribution.

74229Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii03 Oct 1957O West
O West 3547 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In open plain.Along road between Mongu and Lukulu, Barotseland.0Zambia1423C1B1030

74230Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii25 May 1960A Angus
A Angus 2266 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Floodplain with Loudetia sp. etc.Balovale, Zambezi.0Zambia1323A3B1075

Annual, flowers pink.

74231Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii11 Nov 1959RB Drummond
J Cookson
RB Drummond J Cookson 6339 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Lake shore on kalahari sand.Kande Lake, c. 8 miles NE of Mongu.0Zambia1523A2B1070

3ft annual; corolla lilac.
Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:102 (1988).

74232Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii30 Jul 1952 Codd
Codd 7248 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Seepage area on sandy slope.Near Senanga, Barotseland.0Zambia1623A2B1000

Erect 3ft herb; pale lilac flowers.

74233Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii05 Jan 1957W Gilges
W Gilges 710A H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
DamboKazungula, Livingstone District0Zambia1725C4S930

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 8 part 3:102 (1988).

74234Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii03 Jan 1960W Gilges
W Gilges 814 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
Bulozi, Mongu District, Barotseland.0Zambia1523A1B1020

74402Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii15 Oct 1963HJ van Rensburg
HJ van Rensburg 2539 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In cultivated fields on sandy soil.At Kasenga, Namwala District.0Zambia1526D3S1040

A pink-flowered weed 2 feet high. Used as a vegetable by the locals.

74403Sesamum calycinum subsp. baumii26 Dec 1958DJB Killick
OA Leistner
DJB Killick OA Leistner 3118 H-D Ihlenfeldt SRGH
In grassveld.c. 20 miles from Katima on road to Linyanti, Katimo Mulilo area.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1724C3940

erect annual herb, 3-4'; flowers white tinged cobalt-violet


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